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Union Budget 2023-24

Accountancy Profession – Reaching New Horizons

Startups Igniting Innovation, Creating Value

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code – One Code with Many Solutions

Global Accounting Profession

Internal Audit & Forensic Accounting in the Digita

GST - Leading the Reforms and Growth

Governance & Sustainability

Building Trust with Integrity, Independence and Ex

SMP and MSMEs - Enablers of Economic Growth

Building Foundation for Financially Resilient Indi

Spreading Financial Literacy for Better Growth

Empowering the Profession : Building Excellence an


Aligning the Profession with the Digital Era

Roadmap for India’s Growth – Winds of Change

SMP and MSMEs - Enablers of Economic Growth

Insolvency Resolution – Business Revival and Lif

Technology & the Future Fit Accountant

GST - Story of Extraordinary National Accomplishme

Building Foundation for Financially Resilient Indi

The Accounting Profession – In It to Win It

Indian Capital Markets

Public Interest - Achieving Higher Levels

Empowering MSMEs for Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Union Budget 2021-22 : Fiscal Prudence and Growth

Accounting Profession for Economic Resilience

Corporate Finance Reemphasised

Accounting Profession for Resilient Economy

Corporate Governance



AAtmanirbhar Bharat

A Magnificent Past & a Glorious Future

Accounting profession and MSME Boost to Indian Eco

Accounting Profession as Growth Catalyst - Finding

COVID-19 : Impact of Disruptions on Financial Repo


Striving for Academic and Professional Excellence

Role of Accountancy Profession in Sustainable Deve

Year Book-2022-23

Code of Ethics, 2019 Volume - I (Applicable w.e.f

Code of Ethics, 2020 Volume-II (Applicable w.e.f 1

Code of Ethics, 2020 Volume - III

Code of Ethics, 2009 (Exisiting)

Volume XL - Part I of the Compendium of Opinions

Compendium of opinions XXXIX - EAC

Compendium of opinions XXXVIII - EAC

Compendium of opinions XXXVII - EAC

Compendium of opinions XXXVI - EAC

Study on Compliance of Financial Reporting Require

Study on Compliance of Financial Reporting Require

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Global Accounting Profession

Study on Co-ordination of Internal Auditor with Functional Heads

Data Analysis for Auditors-29-1-16

Technical Guide on Internal Audit in Telecommunications Industry

Module-2 Theory and Practice of Forex and Treasury

Technical Guide on Accounting and Auditing in Not

Public Interest - Achieving Higher Levels

Legal Decisions-February 2016

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